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Vitamin D: Sources, Health Benefits, Deficiency and Overdose

Vitamin D (or calciferol) is a fat-soluble secosteroid required to build and maintain strong bones. The human body is able to produce vitamin D, the so-called “sunshine vitamin” through exposure to sunlight. Like all fat-soluble vitamins, this vitamin also requires specific proteins to allow it to move through the body and interact with cells. Vitamin D can be stored in the body, with excess amounts found in the liver and fat tissues. The body can […]

Tips for Healthy Eating without Dieting

The dawning of the New Year sees millions of us setting bold New Year’s resolutions. Nearly all of us will set some sort of ambitious goal, yet despite the plain fact that nine out of ten will fail. Painfully familiar will be the long-lasting favourites of getting fitter, losing weight, and adopting healthier lifestyle habits. If you are serious about these New Year’s resolutions, then do yourself a favour and forget about quick fix diets, […]