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Tree Nut Allergy: Symptoms and Foods to Avoid

Proteins found in many different types of tree nuts are a common cause of food allergy known as tree nut allergy. About 1% of the population suffer from tree nut allergies. Tree nuts are the hard, oily seeds of some trees, eaten raw or roasted, added to foods and sometimes also used to make edible oils. Tree nuts and their derivatives can be found in a variety of different foods as well as non-consumable products […]

Eat Nuts to Lower the Risk of Heart Diseases

Such is the overwhelming power of the low-fat diet concept that many of us consider any food that packs a substantial fat content as the anti-thesis of health. This is reflected in our rather unsophisticated system of food labelling. Pick up a packet of nuts and the discouraging ‘high fat’ warning sign glares back at you. Indeed, that is enough to put even the most knowledgeable of health conscious customers off this particularly fatty food. […]