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A Few Tips for Healthy Sunbathing

First, you hear for years that it’s good for you, then suddenly it gives you wrinkles and will kill you with skin cancer. What’s a mother to do? Who to believe? It’s got to the point that people are afraid to go outside without smearing sunscreen all over themselves and their kids. So who’s right? Both are, as usual. It’s not hard to understand, if we use a little common sense and ignore 99% of […]

Healthy Summertime Diet Tips

Summer – that can only mean two things – sunshine and barbecues. Unfortunately, neither of those is considered to be very much health promoting, given fears of skin cancer from sunburns on the one hand and concerns about the cancer-causing effects of charred meats on the other. But, there is no way we are going to let us spoil our fun. So, here come a few tips for a healthy summertime diet and sun tanning. […]