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Sugars: Types, Health Effects, Sources and Food Labeling

Sugars are simple carbohydrates that either occur in foods naturally or are added to foods and beverages during processing to give them a sweet taste or other properties. Along with starches (another form of sugar, but with a larger molecule), they provide the main source of energy to the body. In most people’s minds, sugars are synonymous with sweets, although some varieties do not taste sweet. Those that have a sweet taste often serve to […]

Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad For Your Health

Sugars and starches are digestible carbohydrates that supply the body with vital energy. Once broken down in the digestive system, they turn into the fuel that feeds the chemical, neurological and physical processes that occur in the body, especially in the muscles and brain. Carbohydrates are divided into two groups: Simple carbohydrates (they are called simple because these compounds consist of just one or two molecules of simple sugar) are found in table sugar, honey, […]

Does Fructose Make You Fat?

Most of us love sugar and we consume it in a variety of ways. And while we have heard about the evils of regular sugar, there is another common sweetener that is potentially even worse. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) lurks behind almost everything we eat and could be completely derailing our diet. HFCS has been linked to both type 2 diabetes and obesity and it is present in almost all soft drinks, which are […]

Excise Tax on Sugar?

The well-respected academic journal Nature published the article ‘The Toxic Truth About Sugar’, in its February 2012 issue, which is so much in tune with our own beliefs that we felt compelled to share some of its main ideas with you. It all starts with the shocking revelation that the United Nations announced that for the first time in our history chronic non-communicable ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. pose a greater health […]

Sugar as the Main Culprit in Causing a Number of Chronic Diseases

The high-carbohydrate, low-fat doctrine that represents the cornerstone of contemporary dietary health advice is still thriving. Fat is the enemy whereas carbohydrates are the good guy. But, given recent research evidence, it is hard to understand why fat has become a dietary scapegoat while sugar escaped relatively unscathed? This dietary principle remains virtually unchallenged even in the field of diabetes prevention. The usual focus of diabetes prevention is on encouraging weight loss in the overweight […]