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Soy Allergy: Avoiding Soy-Based Food Products

Soy allergy is an adverse reaction to foods, beverages and other products derived from soybeans. It can provoke a host of symptoms, ranging from nasal congestion or diarrhea to potentially serious manifestations such as bronchospasm or anaphylaxis (a dangerous allergic reaction which involves two or more body systems). Soy is an allergen for many children but only a few adults. Soy allergy often appears in the first three months of life and disappears by the […]

Potential Health Risks of Soy

Like all foods, soy has beneficial effects for many people but, in certain situations and some people, soy can be harmful. Some individuals who start consuming soy products may experience stomach upset or digestive problems such as diarrhea, bloating or constipation. In most cases, this passes after some time as the body adjusts to a soy diet or a person reduces a high amount of soy in the diet. However, some people are allergic to […]

Potential Health Benefits of Soy

Soy foods are best known as an excellent source of protein. Unlike other plant sources of protein, the protein found in soy is a “complete” protein (it contains all nine essential amino acids necessary for human growth and development), similar to the protein found in meats. Soy protein is alongside egg whites and the protein in milk among the easiest proteins for the body to digest and absorb. Unlike animal sources of protein, soy is […]

Soy: Types, Sources and Dietary Guidelines

Soy is a term given to “health foods” made from yellowish brown beans of a legume Glycine max native to northeastern Asia. Today, most of the world’s soybeans are produced in the United States, Brazil and Argentina. China, the homeland of soybeans, is the fourth largest soybean producer in the world but with just 13% of the US volume. Soybeans are processed into a variety of products such as cheese, cereals, veggie burgers or milk. […]