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Conditions that Can Be Confused with Dandruff

True dandruff is characterized by shedding of dry white flakes of dead skin from the scalp. It is confined to the head only and is not normally associated with redness, inflammation or itching. These symptoms are more likely to be caused by some other associated condition, such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. The most common skin complaints that may occasionally be confused with dandruff include: Seborrheic Dermatitis This condition combines seborrhoea (oiliness of the skin) […]

Recognizing Major Types of Skin Cancers

Skin cancer is one of the most frequent forms of cancer in the world. In the United States, it is the most common cancer with nearly five million people being treated for skin cancer each year. It also happens to be the most easily diagnosed type of cancer. Usually, an examination of a small sample of the affected area of skin under a microscope can confirm the suspicion. In general, the sooner cancer is diagnosed […]

Skin Conditions Aggravated by Smoking

Smoking tobacco products is enormously harmful to your health. Some of the consequences are just cosmetic, such as yellow teeth or wrinkles, but others can cause serious harm to many of the body’s vital organs. One of the lesser known consequences of smoking is the harm it can cause to your skin. Smoking largely affects the skin of the face and hands, especially the mouth, eyes and fingernails. However, some of its effects on the […]