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How to Enhance Our Gut Microflora

When influencing the composition of our gut microbiota, there are principally two main concepts: probiotics (live microorganisms) and prebiotics (specific types of fibre which enhance levels of friendly gut bacteria). There is actually yet another concept called synbiotics, referring to an approach which combines both probiotics and prebiotics together. Probiotic bacteria are microorganisms belonging to our natural microflora with low or no pathogenicity but with vital roles regarding our health and wellbeing. Amongst many benefits […]

The Impact of Human Microflora on Health

Our relationship with our microbiota, the enormous variety of microorganisms that live on and inside our body, lasts throughout our entire lives. The greatest diversity and the highest density of these tiny organisms is found in our gut, which is home to trillions of different bacteria. Our earliest exposure to microorganisms begins in utero and after that, whether in sickness or in health, our lives become inseparable. It is inconceivable that we are outnumbered by […]

Prebiotics Boosting More Than Just Gut Health

Many people are well familiar with the concept of probiotics, the friendly bacteria that are being increasingly added to many food products such as yoghurt drinks or used in supplement form. Less seems to be known, though, about the concept of prebiotics. But maybe it is time that prebiotics took centre stage? Unlike probiotics, the friendly bacteria, prebiotics are non-digestible fibres providing food for the friendly bacteria. Prebiotics are becoming increasingly popular because of their […]