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Medical Conditions that Can Cause Sexual Problems

Medical conditions that cause persistent pain or fatigue, bad habits, such as alcohol abuse, as well as emotional factors, such as depression or stress, can diminish sexual desire or impair sexual function. As we grow older, many of us develop some condition that can induce sexual problems. Although these health problems usually do not mean the end of one’s sexual life, certain behavioral changes or some kind of therapy may be needed. The most common […]

Medications Causing Sexual Side Effects

A number of commonly used medications, from cold and flu relief capsules to prescription muscle relaxants, can hamper one or more of the three phases of sexuality, i.e. desire, arousal and orgasm, in some sensitive individuals. Therefore, it is not surprising that approximately 25% of all cases of erectile dysfunction are drug-induced. In this post you will find a list of some of the most common sexuality squelchers. Even if you have doubts about sexual […]