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What to Eat and What to Avoid during Pregnancy

The main dietary rule during pregnancy is to eat healthy, nutritious food every day. From the day of conception, the baby’s growth and development rely solely on what the mother provides. If you eat fresh, homemade meals, your baby will, too. If you fail to consume foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals, the baby will miss them at a very important time for its development. If you inhale tobacco smoke, drink alcohol or take […]

Good Nutrients and Bad Chemicals for Pregnancy

It is generally recognised now that conditions we are exposed to in the womb not only determine whether we will face any complications at birth but they can also affect our health later in life, including predisposition to such health conditions as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. This means that there may be no other health determining window of opportunity as important as pregnancy. There are two significant issues when it comes to giving our […]