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Paleo Diet Missing on Benefits of Whole Grains

What was not so long ago considered as the cornerstone of a healthy diet, has now been condemned as the source of modern-day Western diseases. One of the reasons given is that we should be eating like our Palaeolithic ancestors did and that means no grains. It seems this was an age of health paradise, if we ignore the fact that the average life expectancy was the ripe old age of 35. Probably the biggest […]

Paleo Diet – its Roots and Logic

Adopting a ‘primitive’ hunter-gatherer diet, better known as a Paleo diet, is gaining increasing popularity among health enthusiasts wishing to break free from the ‘toxic‘ fodder that typifies the contemporary Western eating pattern. Those who adopted this dietary approach report of how well they feel as a result of simplifying their diet to the most basic of food stuffs that our ancient ancestors used to eat. Let’s take a closer look at the evidence and […]