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Good and Bad Oils for Salad Dressings

Misrepresentations and resulting confusion about the health effects of fats led some dieticians and nutritionists to advise against salad dressings. They suggested that salads should be dressed with plain lemon juice, thereby avoiding the use of any oils or fats. But, a salad with only lemon juice is not terribly tasty. As a result, some people stopped eating nutritious salads. In fact, we should better avoid most commercial salad dressings as they are made with […]

Rapeseed Oil vs Olive Oil

Once only found in upmarket delis, rapeseed oil now stands on the shelves of most supermarkets. A pleasant seed-like and nutty taste and smell makes it a gourmet favourite. And its valuable nutritional profile, specifically canola oil, ensures that it is the cooking oil of choice among many nutritionists. Latest reports show that rapeseed oil is particularly beneficial for health, even more so than olive oil, recommended for the use whenever possible when preparing dishes. […]