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Miscarriage: Risk Factors, Treatment and Prevention of Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage is defined as a spontaneous pregnancy loss that occurs before twenty weeks of gestation, i.e., before the fetus is considered viable. In medicine, this is referred to as spontaneous abortion. It is estimated that ca 25% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. However, the actual rate is believed to be yet higher because many miscarriages occur early in pregnancy, before a woman may realize that she is pregnant. Types of Miscarriage Threatened miscarriage. A […]

Causes, Signs and Symptoms of Miscarriage

The natural loss of a fetus before the twentieth week of pregnancy is called miscarriage. It can occur due to abnormal development of the fetus. Miscarriage also known as a spontaneous abortion is not a commonly used term for surgical abortions or medical terminations of pregnancies. It is the most common cause of losing a pregnancy. It is better to be aware of the issues surrounding miscarriage in the unforeseen circumstance that you experience a […]