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Traditional Mediterranean Diet against Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent report from the World Health Organisation forecasts the number of people living with dementia to rise to 66 million by 2030 from today’s 36 million. Given this bleak outlook, nutrition experts are continuously looking for foods like fish or fish oil, which could offer some sort of natural protection. But why stop there, why stick with just one food such as fish when we all eat a whole range of different foods every […]

Is the Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet the Right Choice?

There hardly is another field better defined by an abundance of knowledge paralleled with a striking level of ignorance than that of nutrition. Take reductionism as an example. Introduced in the 1960s, this is the use of a building blocks approach to nutrition. Here we break foods down to the sum of their parts, isolating their key constituents and declaring that these individual nutrients are responsible for delivering that food’s observed effects. We consider the […]

What to Eat to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Health care spending on diabetes is expected to double over the next 25 years. And so does the number of people living with diabetes. The shocking revelation is that 80 percent of the health care spending on diabetes is used to treat the complications of the disease. The actual absurdity of this whole situation is that most cases of diabetes type 2 (which is much more common and less serious than type 1) could be […]