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Causes and Treatment of Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness or patch baldness, is a type of hair loss characteristic for its patchy form. Although it usually affects scalp hair, it can also cause a loss of other body hair, e.g. beard. It is the second most common type of baldness, affecting about 2% of the population – men, women as well as children. The hair sometimes grows back and may or may not fall out again or […]

Hair Transplant Surgery: Techniques, Risks and Cost

There is little doubt that hair transplantation provides the most authentic-looking and the most permanent results of all hair restoration methods. But it is also the most expensive and the most painful method of restoring lost hair. Hair transplantation involves moving the patient’s own healthy hair follicles from the donor area (usually from the back of the scalp) to the balding area. It is also possible to transplant hair follicles from other parts of the […]

Female Pattern Baldness: Causes and Treatments

Female pattern baldness (also known as female pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia in women) is a female version of hereditary hair loss. It is the most common form of hair loss in women, affecting to some degree up to 50% of females over 65. This type of hair loss is genetically predetermined and incurable at the moment, though factors such as age and levels of androgens (male sex hormones) may help determine when it […]

Male Pattern Baldness: Causes and Treatments

Male pattern baldness (MPB, also male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia) is a hereditary condition characterized by a receding hairline and the disappearance of hair from the crown area of the head. The loss of hair progresses gradually throughout a man’s lifetime and it may eventually affect the entire top of the scalp. The lower back and sides of the scalp usually remain unaffected. MPB is the most common type of hair loss in […]