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Types of Phytochemicals and their Effects on the Human Body

Phytochemicals are, as the name suggests, all chemicals found in plants. There are many different ways to categorize thousands of phytochemicals we know today. Nutritionists tend to categorize them by their possible health effects in the human body. For instance, certain phytochemicals act as antioxidants and are simply called “antioxidants” rather than by their specific chemical name. Similarly, some phytochemicals act as phytoestrogens, affecting metabolism of the female sex hormone estrogen in the human body […]

Possible Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

With growing research indicating that dark chocolate has cardiovascular and other health benefits that box of candy you gave your loved one as a present may be more than just a taste treat. Scientists studying the health benefits of chocolate have found that antioxidant chemicals in the cocoa plant (from which fruits chocolate is made) help improve blood flow, thus reducing the likelihood that blood clots will form and cause strokes or heart attacks. Several […]

Natural Phytochemicals in Fight against Cancer

A few decades ago, scientists in cancer research began focusing their attention on a group of non-nutritive plant chemicals called phytochemicals. Plants produce phytochemicals to protect themselves from bugs in the fields or against too much sun and to prevent diseases. Research shows that these common natural substances could also be used to protect humans against serious diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Whether phytochemicals are the key to controlling human diseases such as […]