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Arsenic: Health Effects and Food Safety

Arsenic is a metallic element that is relatively abundant in the earth’s crust. It naturally occurs in the form of inorganic and organic compounds as well as a pure elemental crystal. Arsenic can be found in water, soil, air (as dust), plants, animals and many foods. All of its forms are toxic, though some experts believe that organic compounds, which mainly occur in seafood, are harmless to human health. Arsenic happens to be on the […]

Mercury in Fish and Environment: Health Effects

Mercury is a highly poisonous silvery metallic element that is included in the World Health Organisation’s list of ten chemicals of major public concern. This heavy metal is liquid at room temperature, releasing toxic, odorless vapor into the air. Metallic mercury occurs rarely in nature. Mercury is mostly present in the form of mercury sulfide (cinnabar), which is used to produce elemental mercury. Methylmercury, found mainly in fish and shellfish, happens to be the most […]

Cadmium: Health Risks and Most Contaminated Foods

Cadmium is a metallic element best known for its high toxicity and carcinogenicity. Like all heavy metals, it accumulates in the bodies of most organisms (including humans). Alongside the three other heavy metals – arsenic, lead and mercury – cadmium appears in the WHO’s list of ten chemicals of major public health concern. For many years, non-ferrous metallurgy, electroplating in the steel industry, manufacturing of nickel-cadmium batteries and burning of fossil fuels and municipal waste […]

Eat Fish to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The number of dementia sufferers in the world is estimated at 36 million people. This trend look set to get a whole lot worse. One report, jointly developed by the Alzheimer’s Disease International and the World Health Organisation, has estimated that this number will almost double by 2030, reaching 66 million and it could grow to an astounding 115 million by 2050. That is both an inconceivable amount of human suffering for those affected with […]