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Common Types of Birth Defects

A birth defect is any physical or mental disabling or fatal abnormality in function, structure or metabolism that is present at birth. To date, medical science has identified thousands of different birth defects, ranging in severity from very minor to life-threatening. Around 3% of all newborns have some kind of birth defect. Birth defects account for more than 20% of all infant deaths and are thus the most common cause of infant death during the […]

Consequences of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Even if you firmly believe in health benefits of alcohol consumption do not, for the sake of your child, drink during pregnancy. If you consume alcohol during pregnancy, you may be putting your unborn child at high risk for fetal alcohol syndrome. The disturbing consequences can include various physical and mental birth defects, delayed development and possible lifelong abnormalities. Fetal alcohol syndrome is one hundred percent preventable and can be avoided if a mother abstains […]