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Diverticulosis – Complications, Symptoms and Treatment

Diverticulosis is a condition when pea-sized outpouchings develop in the gut wall, most likely in the colon. It is a widespread condition, though it often remains unrecognized. It is estimated that in Western countries 10% of people over 40 years of age develop diverticula. By the time they reach age 60 or 70 more than half the population can expect to have the condition. The term diverticula, which gave the name to diverticulosis, refers to […]

Managing Digestive Disorders

We know that bad food can cause an upset stomach but the way in which diet can trigger or affect a chronic digestive disorder has not yet been fully explained. However, it is quite clear that certain disorders are profoundly influenced by what we do or do not eat or can be helped by adding or eliminating certain types of food. Our digestive tract is a 40 feet long, winding tube, consisting of several sections […]