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Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating condition characterized by profound, long-term fatigue and other symptoms, such as joint and muscle pain, which cannot be relieved by rest. Chronic fatigue syndrome can affect anyone at any age but it is more common in women than men and usually starts in early or middle adulthood. Although the condition usually starts abruptly, it can also develop gradually with symptoms appearing and disappearing with no apparent pattern. Many experts […]

Fatigue and its Causes: Digestive Disorders

Fatigue is characterized by a complete lack of energy and motivation or feeling of debilitating tiredness. It is associated with an increased need for rest or the inability to recover energy after rest periods. Fatigue is a symptom often associated with many digestive disorders. Digestion is a process that delivers energy-providing nutrients to all body tissues. Any condition that interferes with this process may cause a variety of symptoms including fatigue. Other factors that may […]