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Types of Phytochemicals and their Effects on the Human Body

Phytochemicals are, as the name suggests, all chemicals found in plants. There are many different ways to categorize thousands of phytochemicals we know today. Nutritionists tend to categorize them by their possible health effects in the human body. For instance, certain phytochemicals act as antioxidants and are simply called “antioxidants” rather than by their specific chemical name. Similarly, some phytochemicals act as phytoestrogens, affecting metabolism of the female sex hormone estrogen in the human body […]

Protecting Your Eyesight with Diet

Do you find yourself squinting and rubbing your eyes while reading magazines and small print on your laptop screen or some mobile device? Do you often experience blurred vision, especially in the evening? Though it is all normal at certain age, there is a lot you can do for preserving good eyesight. When it comes to preventing future vision loss, proper nutrition seems to be one of the key factors for your eye health. Numerous […]