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What is Hereditary Breast Cancer?

Around 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States. Around 10% of those cases are estimated to be hereditary or caused by a genetic mutation of two specific genes that is found in families and passed from generation to generation. Fast Facts about Hereditary Breast Cancer Hereditary breast cancer affects a small segment of the general population. It is caused by the mutation of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. There is […]

Supplementation of Plant-Based Diet in Post-Radiation Patients

A recent study has found that radiation therapy in breast cancer patients considerably increases their risk of developing ischemic heart disease. It shows that the focus of the treatment on maximising survivorship is short-sighted, with an urgent need to address the cardiovascular health issues of the patient after radiation. When it comes to lifestyle and diet approaches, it raises concerns about the suitability of the commonly advocated plant-based diets for securing remission and requires that […]

Alcohol Can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

The general consensus is that alcohol when consumed in moderate amounts is, on the whole, beneficial to our health, especially our heart and circulatory system. To attest to this statement, the US Centre for Disease Control has listed moderate consumption of alcohol as one of four healthy lifestyle behaviours, alongside non-smoking, healthy diet and physical activity, that have a beneficial effect on reducing premature mortality. Benefits of wine drinking span across a wide spectrum of […]