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Celiac’s Guide to Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages

Whether you have celiac disease or other form of gluten intolerance or you are on a gluten-free diet for any other reason, you may sometimes want to have a social drink but feel uncertain about potential traces of gluten in some alcoholic beverages. Although the occasional drink will not worsen your gluten sensitivity, you still need to know exactly which alcoholic beverages are gluten-free and, therefore, safe for you to drink. In general, most spirits […]

Medical Conditions that Can Cause Sexual Problems

Medical conditions that cause persistent pain or fatigue, bad habits, such as alcohol abuse, as well as emotional factors, such as depression or stress, can diminish sexual desire or impair sexual function. As we grow older, many of us develop some condition that can induce sexual problems. Although these health problems usually do not mean the end of one’s sexual life, certain behavioral changes or some kind of therapy may be needed. The most common […]

Foods that May Promote Cancer

Numerous foods and their components are suspected of being implicated in the development of cancer. These include naturally occurring substances as well as artificial additives. Food preservation methods and cooking techniques may also influence the food’s potential for promoting cancer. In addition, cancer-causing agents, which are commonly found in pesticides and packaging can sometimes get into our bodies through the food we eat. As research continues, a number of foods initially denounced as cancer-causing have […]

Consequences of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Even if you firmly believe in health benefits of alcohol consumption do not, for the sake of your child, drink during pregnancy. If you consume alcohol during pregnancy, you may be putting your unborn child at high risk for fetal alcohol syndrome. The disturbing consequences can include various physical and mental birth defects, delayed development and possible lifelong abnormalities. Fetal alcohol syndrome is one hundred percent preventable and can be avoided if a mother abstains […]

Alcohol – Consumption Trends, Health Effects and Tips

  Alcohol Consumption and Trends It may seem hard to believe but if you are an alcohol drinker you are in the minority. The majority of adult population worldwide abstain from alcohol. UK households spend around £42 billion (€48 billion/$63 billion) on alcohol each year. To put this figure in perspective, this is approximately one third of the expenditure by the UK on national health services. The average spending by UK adults on alcoholic drinks […]

Alcohol Can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

The general consensus is that alcohol when consumed in moderate amounts is, on the whole, beneficial to our health, especially our heart and circulatory system. To attest to this statement, the US Centre for Disease Control has listed moderate consumption of alcohol as one of four healthy lifestyle behaviours, alongside non-smoking, healthy diet and physical activity, that have a beneficial effect on reducing premature mortality. Benefits of wine drinking span across a wide spectrum of […]