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Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Close to three quarters of men, women and children in the US are considered overweight. This is in a country where almost every town has a fitness center and where television shows and television channels specifically devoted to health and fitness enjoy tremendous popularity. With the dieting industry still growing and billions of dollars being spent annually on dieting products, books, videos and aesthetic surgery, it is now time to open up to the possibility that using the power of mind may be the healthiest and safest way for achieving any goal you desire, including weight loss.

One such possibility to lose weight in an easy, safe and effective way is with hypnosis. Many experts now admit that hypnosis is one of the leading ways to lose excess pounds and keep them off forever.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

The level of hypnosis varies from person to person and so it feels different for everyone. Some people will feel very relaxed and peaceful during a hypnosis session, sometimes experiencing a state of increased awareness. Some individuals may experience euphoria or may drift off into a daydream or even feel as if they were asleep during a session. There are also times when people feel a sense of timelessness.

Typically, after just one hypnosis session many individuals experience a feeling of increased willpower with respect to their eating behaviors and an instant decrease in cravings for fattening foods and sweets. They also experience a sense of relief knowing that they are not on a restrictive diet, but spontaneously and naturally eating sensibly and so taking better care of themselves.

How Fast Can I Lose Weight with Hypnosis?

People who use hypnosis for weight loss typically lose one to two pounds per week. Keep in mind that this is a healthy rate of weight loss and once you have reached your target weight, there are no unhealthy eating patterns to return to what might cause you to gain the weight back. Your new eating habits are now permanent.

How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

For each person, hypnosis for weight loss works in several different ways. First and foremost, it is assisting the individual to reprogram their mind and strengthen their normal feedback mechanisms that tell them not only when they need food but also when their appetite is satisfied. When a person eats to the point when they experience a full feeling, they have already grossly overeaten.

Another way hypnosis can aid in losing weight is by helping the overweight person realize and reprogram any negative emotions they may have in connection to their eating habits, as for example, many overweight people eat for emotional reasons. Hypnosis can also be used to help the overweight person eliminate their unhealthy cravings, increase their willpower and make them more aware of their unhealthy eating behaviors.

How many Hypnosis Sessions Will I Have to Take?

The number of hypnosis sessions and their frequency varies from individual to individual. Usually, a patient will need two weight loss sessions in the first month and then once a month thereafter until they have reached their desired weight. Individual sessions are especially important in the early weeks to help release any attachments or emotions related to eating and food. After the initial phase, attending group sessions for ongoing maintenance and support should be enough. Group sessions make hypnosis extremely cost effective and increase the patient’s willingness to succeed in achieving their target weight.

Why Should I Choose Hypnosis over Other Weight-Loss Programs?

Hypnosis is a healthy and natural approach to re-establishing your normal feedback mechanisms and obtaining the healthy body you desire. These feedback mechanisms are the checks the body uses to inform you of when you need to eat and when you had enough and should stop.

The word dieting is very negative to the subconscious mind as it reminds of starvation and discomfort. This automatically triggers the mind’s mechanism for self-preservation, being the main cause of most diets failing. Any weight loss achieved through dieting is only temporary and as soon as dieting is over, the person’s regular eating habits resume, resulting in fast weight gain often times greater than what was lost through dieting. This is a common, self-defeating cycle.

When losing weight with hypnosis, there will be no pills, no nasty tasting health drinks or foods, nor will there be any extreme regimens to follow or calories to count. With hypnosis you will simply use the power of your mind and your common sense regarding healthy and unhealthy foods that will enable you to lose your excess pounds with ease.

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