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Potential Health Risks of Soy

Like all foods, soy has beneficial effects for many people but, in certain situations and some people, soy can be harmful. Some individuals who start consuming soy products may experience stomach upset or digestive problems such as diarrhea, bloating or constipation. In most cases, this passes after some time as the body adjusts to a soy diet or a person reduces a high amount of soy in the diet. However, some people are allergic to […]

Hair Analysis for Nutritional Deficiencies?

Did you know that hair is a not only an excellent biological material for DNA testing, but also a reliable source of information for determining the toxic metals you have accumulated through the years? However, despite being the gold standard for toxic metal testing, hair analysis is still controversial when it comes to nutritional analysis and, therefore, rarely used. Because the structure of hair remains fairly constant, the minerals and heavy metals tend to be […]

Potentially Dangerous Weight-Loss Diets

Choosing a diet plan depends on a number of individual needs, personal goals and how much time, effort and money a person is willing to put in. There is no one best way to lose weight as we are all individuals and we can do it different ways. Keep in mind that in the diet industry, anything goes. There are lots of weight-loss scams, ranging from homeopathic drops to sliming creams, while there are not […]

Drink 2 Litres of Water a Day Myth

Water is actually our most essential nutrient, so one might expect that advice on something as basic as how much water we should drink each day and when would be fairly simple and clear. However, most of what we are told about water and how much we should drink seems to be complete mythology. And indeed, many people really believe in fairy tales such as ‘drink two litres of water a day’ myth. Myth number […]

Unhealthy Healthy Eating Advice

The majority of healthy eating advice seems to be simply part of the perpetual reprocessing of a limited number of credible opinions that have been known for ages. It is exactly like fashion – whatever trend is due a turn will take main stage before it will be banished to the back of the closet to await its next turn. Sooner or later, you realise that the breaking diet stories of today are just rewritten […]