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Stress and Nutrition

Stress is the body’s natural response to a threat. Whether the stressful situation is physical or psychological, the body undergoes a dramatic reaction that readies it for “fight or flight” from the danger. A flood of hormones enters the bloodstream and blood pressure rises. Proteins are quickly converted to sugars to provide readily accessible energy which may give us a surge of unusual strength. This stress response was critical thousands of years ago for the […]

Treating Depression: Medications and Therapies

Sadness and low mood are a normal part of our lives. Everybody encounters good reason for an occasional bout of depression. But if your feelings of sadness last for more than two weeks and are so intense that they interfere with your normal daily routine, you are probably suffering from depression and need medical help. Although many bouts of depression clear up on their own, lots of people develop a serious depression that can last […]

The Most Common Causes of Stress in Women

Stress can be defined as any event that forces us to adapt to a new set of circumstances. It can be broken down into specific situations called stressors. When confronted with a stressful situation, our bodies respond with a chain of biochemical reactions which can affect our entire system. Responding to complex triggers from the brain, the adrenal glands start releasing hormones such as adrenaline. As a result, our heart rate and blood pressure rise, […]

The Use of Supplements in the Treatment of ADHD

When it comes to diet and nutrition there seems to be no shortage of controversial topics. Whether it is vegetarian or weight loss diets, antioxidants, vitamin D deficiency or a dozen of other issues, there is plenty of heated debate about what we should all be doing to improve our health. One of the ideas viewed with high degree of scepticism is the opinion that what we eat can affect the brain, and as a […]

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