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Alternative Approaches to Treating Insomnia

Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a serious disorder affecting 30% of the population in the industrialized world, mostly as a result of a modern hectic lifestyle, although it can also be illness-related and a natural symptom of aging. Some people have trouble falling asleep and wake up several times a night for no apparent reason with trouble returning to sleep. Others wake up way too early in the morning or do not feel refreshed, even after […]

Prevent Heart Disease, Weight Gain and Diabetes with Good Night’s Sleep

There is a remedy that does not cost a dime and so it cannot be found in any drugstore, and yet, it can help you lose excess weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and keep your blood sugar in check. This simple remedy is called good night’s sleep. Sleep enables you to repair, refuel and recharge your body and brain so that it can overcome the damage caused during the day. Recent studies show […]

Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat

Contrary to general belief, research has repeatedly proven that a lack of sleep is associated with a greater likelihood of being obese. You would be forgiven for thinking the opposite was true. The logical assumption would be that the person spending all their extra time resting in bed should be the one who gets fat, not the person who prefers more active wake time. But the scientific research tells us a different story. A large […]