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Sugar Substitutes: Health Benefits and Risks

The rising rates of obesity and associated health complications, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer, have led many consumers to look for alternatives to sugar to help control their blood glucose levels and reduce intake of calories. In response to this demand, scientists have developed a number of sugar substitutes. Sugar substitutes, also known as artificial sweeteners, are substances used to sweeten foods and beverages and serve as an alternative to […]

Medical Conditions Causing Foot Problems

Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis and gout, which affect the nerves or the blood circulation, can adversely influence the health of the feet. These diseases become increasingly likely as people age. Diabetes Diabetes happens to be notorious for causing foot problems, often serious ones if left untreated. Diabetes is, therefore, the leading cause of foot problems among all medical conditions. It is easy to understand why given the fact that about 7% of […]

Prevent Heart Disease, Weight Gain and Diabetes with Good Night’s Sleep

There is a remedy that does not cost a dime and so it cannot be found in any drugstore, and yet, it can help you lose excess weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and keep your blood sugar in check. This simple remedy is called good night’s sleep. Sleep enables you to repair, refuel and recharge your body and brain so that it can overcome the damage caused during the day. Recent studies show […]

Diabetes – Signs, Diagnosing, Treatments and Monitoring

Diabetes, characterized by high blood glucose level, happens to be far more common than most people realize. It is estimated that at least 5% of the population in westernized word have the disease and by 2035 this ratio is projected to rise to 10% or one person in ten. Furthermore, additional 3% have some degree of glucose intolerance, which can potentially lead to diabetes. Yet, almost half of the people who have diabetes do not […]

Basic Rules for Coping with Diabetes

Although most of us tend to view a diagnosis of cancer as a death sentence, diabetes is usually regarded as just another chronic modern-day malady. But, millions of people with diabetes face the risk of multiple complications, including heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and irreversible damage to their nervous system. Many have to undergo limb amputations as the disease messes with their circulation. Sadly, diabetes is not the minor ailment many of us believe. In […]

Sugar as the Main Culprit in Causing a Number of Chronic Diseases

The high-carbohydrate, low-fat doctrine that represents the cornerstone of contemporary dietary health advice is still thriving. Fat is the enemy whereas carbohydrates are the good guy. But, given recent research evidence, it is hard to understand why fat has become a dietary scapegoat while sugar escaped relatively unscathed? This dietary principle remains virtually unchallenged even in the field of diabetes prevention. The usual focus of diabetes prevention is on encouraging weight loss in the overweight […]

What to Eat to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Health care spending on diabetes is expected to double over the next 25 years. And so does the number of people living with diabetes. The shocking revelation is that 80 percent of the health care spending on diabetes is used to treat the complications of the disease. The actual absurdity of this whole situation is that most cases of diabetes type 2 (which is much more common and less serious than type 1) could be […]

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