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Potential Risks of General Anesthesia

General anesthesia puts patients to sleep so they are unconscious during the surgical procedure and do not feel any pain. Anesthetics are usually delivered by a combination of injection and inhalation with injectable anaesthetics inducing unconsciousness and inhalational anaesthetics maintaining it. General anesthesia can also be given solely by any of the two forms (injection or inhalation). During the procedure, the patient’s blood oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and breathing are closely monitored. […]

Memory Loss in Seniors – Is it Alzheimer’s?

Many people wrongly assume that memory loss and confusion, when occurring at higher age, are always linked to Alzheimer’s. Although these are some of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, they are not exclusively related to it. Other common symptoms of Alzheimer’s include decline in mental ability, depression, mood swings, social withdrawal, anxiety, irritability and delusions. However, there are many possible causes of these symptoms besides Alzheimer’s. For instance, depressive and other emotional disorders […]

How to Diagnose and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

There is still no remedy for Alzheimer’s disease, the dreaded, debilitating illness that now plagues tens of millions of people worldwide. But there are some treatments that can hold back its progress. The symptoms typically associated with Alzheimer’s disease, such as loss of memory, mood changes, delusions and disorientation, are actually symptoms of dementia whereby Alzheimer’s is by no means the only possible cause of it. In fact, dementia can be also caused by a […]

Traditional Mediterranean Diet against Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent report from the World Health Organisation forecasts the number of people living with dementia to rise to 66 million by 2030 from today’s 36 million. Given this bleak outlook, nutrition experts are continuously looking for foods like fish or fish oil, which could offer some sort of natural protection. But why stop there, why stick with just one food such as fish when we all eat a whole range of different foods every […]

Eat Fish to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The number of dementia sufferers in the world is estimated at 36 million people. This trend look set to get a whole lot worse. One report, jointly developed by the Alzheimer’s Disease International and the World Health Organisation, has estimated that this number will almost double by 2030, reaching 66 million and it could grow to an astounding 115 million by 2050. That is both an inconceivable amount of human suffering for those affected with […]