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About us is a free knowledge base for anyone interested in health and nutrition topics and modern day health hazards. Our goal is to offer our readers a reliable source of easy-to-read medical information. Our reviews are written in layman’s terms to make them comprehensible to the general public so that they can be used for self-education purposes. You can find here comprehensive articles on health conditions and illnesses, treatments, therapies and medical procedures, key health indicators, nutrition, allergenic and toxic substances as well as interdisciplinary articles on miscellaneous health topics. To get most of our knowledge base we ask you to use the search function of this website to find the information you are looking for.


This website was borne in 2014 out of our (Stefan Schmidt and Klaus Weber) sudden stroke of inactivity after retirement and our desire to stay in touch with the medical profession for as long as we are mentally and physically capable. We are both former general practitioners from Germany (now retired in Spain) who have spent four decades working as medical doctors and later as executives in the German public healthcare sector. We are not professional writers and thus not able to produce large volumes but rather publish well-researched articles written in simple language that are easy to read. Therefore, we do not wish to compete with the greatest players in the industry. Our desire is to provide a complementary source of information on selected topics. We are proud that has already been referenced by several reputable web sources that have been around for much longer than us and hope our readers also find our articles useful. If you wish to get in touch with us please use our contact page.

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The aim of this website is to equip you with knowledge to better comprehend your doctor’s advice and recommendations. We do not encourage you to treat any illness on your own but hope that can help you better understand and manage your health and thus keep you healthy for longer.